District Governor 9SW Allen Zobel

9SW DG Allen Zobel joined Lions in 2001 as a member of the Exira Lions Club. For 42 year he served his community as a teacher and school administrator. He is also very active in his church.
DG Allen’s Lions accomplishments include helping to develop 3 LEO Clubs, 1 regular Lions Club and currently working on a branch club. He is a Warren Coleman Award recipient and a Melvin Jones Fellow. He has received four Presidential appreciation certificates and two Presidential Medal for Leadership. He was named the winner of the Spark Plug Award as a new Lions Leader and named the Klise Leadership Award winner in 2019.

“First and foremost in all LIONS heart is family. I am married for 51 years and still going strong to the only girl I dated, Chrystal Zobel. We have raised three wonderful children. We now have 10 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. My spare time is doing things like camping, fishing, hunting and woodworking. Next is the church. Chrystal and I have served as youth counselor and Sunday School teachers for many years (20+) and presently a member of St. John Lutheran Church in Audubon, and have
been an elder for 5 years (2011 – 2016) and now for the last 3 years chairman of the council. My occupation was for 42 years teacher and administrator and now substitute teacher that has given me the heart and soul to advocate for kids. Thus my role in developing Leo clubs in 9SW. Chrystal and I joined in June of 2001 the Exira Lion Club.”

District 9SW Leadership

District Governor District 9SW: Allen Zobel

1st Vice District Governor: Vacant

2nd Vice District Governor: Vacant

Immediate Past District Governor: Pat Parker

(Based on 2019-2020 Who’s Who)

Cabinet Secretary: Beverly Fletcher

Cabinet Treasurer: Dale Behrends

Global Leadership Team (GLT): Pat Parker & Steve Smith

Global Membership Team (GMT): Dean Brant

Global Service Team (GST): Michele Sparks

Public Relations Chair: Kaye & Darrell Whitehead

Zone 1 Chair: Traci Dow-Wyatt

Zone 2 Chair: Allen Zobel

Zone 3 Chair: Jessie Gilliland

Zone 4 Chair: Sheri Holliday

Zone 5 Chair: Kristy Lonsdale

Zone 6 Chair: Lisa Randall

Zone 7 Chair: Allen Zobel

Zone 8 Chair: Allen Zobel

Zone 9 Chair: Dan Bashor

Zone 10 Chair: Beverly Fletcher

Zone 11 Chair: Barbara Farley

Alert Chair: Chrystal Zobel

Care & Share Chair: Dean Brant, Peggy Toft & Pat Parker

Chaplain: Gary Freeland

Constitution & ByLaws Chair: Martin Bishop

Convention Committee: Chrystal Zobel, MaryAnn Huegerich, Dorothy Wolf, Linda Duff, & Patricia Hansen

Diabetes Awareness: Denise K. Grandgenett

Elections Chair: Martin Bishop

Honorary Cabinet Member: Sheri Holliday

Honorary Cabinet Member: Ardie Klemish

Information Technology Chair: “Larry Britton”

Iowa KidSight Chair: Sheila Haidsiak

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee: Linda Duff & Jerry Farley

LCIF Chair: Ken Klemish

Leader Dog Chair: Sheila Haidsaik

Leo Chairs: Traci Riesgaard

Nominating Chair: Maude Bishop

PDG Association: Pat Parker

Peace Poster Chair: Melanie Parker

Pediatric Cancer Chair: Terry Sprague

Trading Pin Chair: Allen Zobel

Veterans Chair: Doris Jackson

Youth Exchange Chair: Dave Best