District Governor 9SW Pat Parker

9SW DG Pat Parker has been a member of the Panora Lions Club for 13 years. Since joining the club he has served in many club leadership positions, 3rd VP, 2nd VP, 1st VP, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Director. At the district level, Pat has served as Zone Chair, 2VDG, 1VDG, DG, GMT, and Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee. He is a graduate of Great Plains Lions Leadership Institute and Senior Lions Leadership Institute
DG Pat was the recipient of the 2017 “Bud” Klise Leadership Award, the highest leadership award given by the Lions of MD9.
Pat and his wife, Melanie, have two children. Brittany, 24 years old, and Nicholas 20 years old. They have two grandchildren.
After retiring as an E-8 Master Sergeant from the Iowa Army National Guard, Pat currently works for US Citizenship and Immigration as an Analyst. He also has a Master’s Degree in Education from Graceland University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Grand
View University.
DG Pat also serves his community as the Mayor for the City of Panora, Elder of St. Thomas Lutheran Church, the Board of Directors and President for the Panora Retirement Homes and as President of the Guthrie County REAP Board.

District 9SW Leadership

District Governor District 9SW: Pat Parker

1st Vice District Governor District 9SW: Allen Zobel

2nd Vice District Governor: Vacant

Immediate Past District Governor 9SW: Chris Anderson

(Based on 2018-2019 Who’s Who)

Cabinet Secretary District 9SW: Beverly Fletcher

Cabinet Treasurer District 9SW: Sheila Haidsiak

Global Leadership Team Chair District 9SW: Vacant

Global Membership Team Chair District 9SW: PDG Dean Brant

Global Service Team Chair District 9SW: Vacant

Public Relations District 9SW: Vacant

Zone 1 Chair District 9SW: Linda Duff

Zone 2 Chair District 9SW: Linda Duff

Zone 3 Chair District 9SW: Vacant

Zone 4 Chair District 9SW: Vacant

Zone 5 Chair District 9SW: Kristy Lonsdale

Zone 6 District Chair 9 SW: Vacant

Zone 7 District Chair 9SW: Vacant

Zone 8 District Chair 9SW: Allen Zobel

Zone 9 District Chair 9SW: Dan Bashor

Zone 10 District Chair 9SW: Vacant

Alert Chair: Vacant

Care & Share District 9SW Chair: Vacant

Chaplain District 9SW: Vacant

Constitution & ByLaws Chair District 9SW: PDG Martin Bishop

Convention Committee District 9SW: Vacant

Diabetes Awareness Chair District 9SW: Barb Farley

Elections Chair: PDG Martin Bishop

Information Technology Chair District 9SW: “Larry Britton”

Iowa KidSight Chair District 9SW: Sheila Haidsiak

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee District 9SW: Eastern Linda Duff, Western Allen Zobel

LCIF Chair District 9SW: Vacant

Leader Dog Chair District 9SW: Tamara Deal

Leo Co-Chairs: Connie Jessen & Lisa Dreier

Nominating Chair District 9SW: Maude Bishop

PDG Association President 9SW: Vacant

Peace Poster Chair District 9SW: Melanie Parker

Youth Exchange Chair District 9SW: Vacant